About ParkSide Fuel Service in Mt. Sinai, NY

ParkSide Fuel Service is and always has been committed to our Long Island customers’ home comfort. If you’re a homeowner or business owner in the Eastern Long Island area who uses oil to power your heat or hot water, we have the employees, expertise, and fuel supply you need. We are also proud to provide residential heating and cooling unit installation, service, and maintenance to give year-round safety and comfort to our valued customers. If you’d like to join the ParkSide Fuel Service family, please click the button below to become a customer today.


About Parkside Fuel

Our Services Include:

  • Automatic & Will-Call Oil Delivery
  • Furnace & Boiler Installation & Service
  • Water Heater Installations
  • Heating Service Plan
  • Air Conditioner Installation & Service
  • Online Oil Ordering & Service Requests
  • Informative Monthly Blog Posts
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Michael Parisi

Our Mission

Twenty one years ago I dreamed of starting a company that made people happy, a refreshing concept that would provide me a way to make my living and love it at the same time. That simple philosophy is the driving force behind my company.

Having happy people work for me is the beginning, which is why I have tried to create an atmosphere that is comfortable and fun to work in. If you visit our office at any time, you can’t help but notice our welcoming and friendly vibe.

Hey, why not? We all have to get up and come to work. We have the choice to make it whatever we want, and I want happy! There is no reason why we can’t speak to each other kindly and with respect, so we do. I love watching my employees interact with one another. These are truly very good people, and I consider them my family.

I knew that making the conscious choice to run the business in this way would translate to business growth, profitability, and the opportunity for my Parkside family to earn a well-deserved living.

This business plan works! My favorite proof is when I hear the praise directly from our customers. Any good business owner feels the same way I do. When we receive this validation from our customers, growth and success is inevitable. Of course, getting up early, working late, and doing whatever it takes to provide the best service is very important as well.

I think it should almost be taken for granted. Physically being there and knowing how to do the job is the reason I thought I could start my business, but making it an absolute pleasure for our customers to deal with us has been the key to Parkside’s success!

~ Michael Parisi