Bock Oil-Fired Hot Water Heater Installations on Long Island

Did you know that oil-fired hot water heaters are some of the most efficient hot water heaters available? Parkside Fuel is pleased to install oil-fired hot water heaters made by Bock for our customers. Bock is a high-quality brand that offers hot water heaters that perform and deliver hot water efficiently. Call (631) 928-4645 to learn more about Bock hot water heater installations on Long Island, NY.

Bock Water Heaters We Install

Residential Water Heaters Featuring Turboflue

  • Energy-Saving Turbofins conduct more heat into water
  • Robust single-flue design yields a stronger, more durable tank
  • 20 to 113 gallon capacities
  • 000 to 155,000 BTU/H
  • Cglass Cobalt-enriched glass-lined tank
  • Dual magnesium anode rods to inhibit corrosion

The popular Bock 32E leads the industry in Energy Efficient with a .63 EF rating and 170 gallons first hour delivery.

5-year limited warranty on residential installations

3-year limited warranty on commercial installations


Contact Parkside Fuel to learn more about Bock water heater installations. We are pleased to provide expert hot water heater installation to homeowners and business owners located within our Long Island service area. Call or click here to request a quote on a new water heater installation.