Annual Heating Tune-Ups for Oil Boilers & Furnaces

Do you have an oil furnace or oil boiler in your Long Island home or business? Did you know that Parkside Fuel provides free annual heating tune-ups for customers that sign up for our heating service plan? We include a free annual heating tune-up in our heating service plan because annual HVAC maintenance is essential to promote safe, efficient operation of oil heating equipment. Booking an annual heating tune-up is a best practice that can help reduce your energy use, extend your equipment life, and so much more.

Benefits of Your Annual Heating System Tune-Up

Just like your car, your boiler or furnace is an expensive piece of equipment that requires service from a professional to continue to operate properly. When you book an annual heating tune-up with a professional energy provider, like ParkSide Fuel, you will take advantage of these important perks:

  • Greater efficiency
    An annual tune-up will help your heating system operate at peak efficiency.
  • Lower energy use
    When your boiler or furnace is working efficiently, it uses less fuel oil to put out heat.
  • Cost savings
    A heating system that uses fuel oil as efficiently as possible means lower heating bills.
  • Longer equipment life
    During your annual tune-up, your service technician can identify any minor problems before they become major ones, helping to extend the life of your boiler or furnace.

Annual Heating Tune-Up Included in Your Heating Service Plan

ParkSide Fuel is pleased to include a free annual heating tune-up in our heating service plans. When you sign up for a heating service plan, you’ll get a free heating tune-up and all the benefits that come with it. Plus, our heating service plan comes with additional benefits like automatic oil delivery, 24/7 emergency heating service, and more.