My Heat Isn’t Working on Long Island! How Do I Fix It?

If you live in Suffolk County, New York or the surrounding areas and your heat isn’t working, you’ve come to the right place. Check this list by Parkside Fuel to see if your heat can be repaired with a quick fix. And don’t forget, if you’re an automatic oil delivery or service plan customer, we [...]

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Parkside Fuel wants to save you money!

Parkside Fuel has saved millions of dollars for Suffolk County residents by connecting them with rebate money for their new boiler. Parkside Fuel in Mt. Sinai is once again participating in a rebate program that will pay up to $4000 for a new boiler. Even though it seems the heating season has possibly come to [...]

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Home Heating and Maintenance FAQs

Your heating system is critical to the comfort of your home. While your heating is likely the last thing on your mind during the gorgeous warm days of summer, there’s nothing like those chilly autumn nights to bring you back to reality. A clean, well-maintained heating system will save you money and prolong the life [...]

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