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Do you have a burner in your home or business? Did you know that Parkside Fuel offers delivery and service contracts to fulfill your oil maintenance and operating needs? We offer services like tune ups, clean outs, installations and repairs at competitive prices that take all the stress out of having a burner.

package-575402_640If you choose automatic delivery, we will monitor your oil usage, fill the tank as needed and then charge the card you have on file for delivery. We determine the price per gallon by the rack price at the time the delivery is scheduled.

Also included in the service and automatic delivery contract is one annual tune up. A tune up is important because it restores the burner to the optimal operating conditions. The burner is also inspected for damage or other issues. A service technician adjusts items like oil burner flame, electrodes and air intake to insurance efficient operating. Parts like aquastat, auto vent, burner motor, CAD cell relay, circulator, dual valve, electrodes, expansion tank, feed valve, firematic valve, fuel pump, nozzle, air filter, relief valve, pump strainer or transformer will be repaired or replaced with the service and delivery contract if they are found damaged. This will give you peace of mind knowing that your boiler is being properly maintained.

If you need a burner installed, or don’t yet have a burner, Parkside Fuel and Boiler can take care of that for you. We install quality boilers like Peerless and Biasi, and include a 2-year emergency service contract for all boiler installations.

If you are looking to install, repair, clean, maintain or tune up a burner, choose Parkside Fuel and Boiler. We have experienced and qualified service technicians that will do the job correctly. We offer automatic delivery service so you won’t have to worry about running out of oil.

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