Heating Equipment Installation in Suffolk County, NY

If you’re a Long Island resident, chances are that you’ve heard word on the street about our high-quality heating installations and commitment to customer service and satisfaction. Thank you for looking into Parkside Fuel for your Long Island, NY boiler installation! You can be assured that we will give attention to every detail of installation from start to finish. Parkside Fuel holds a Suffolk County Master Plumber’s license, #54700-MP with the Suffolk County Department of Consumer Affairs. Want to experience our heating installation expertise firsthand? Get in touch with our HVAC installation team today for a no-obligation quote on your new home heating system.


Reliable Boiler Installations

We offer the “best guarantee in the business” with our 2 year emergency service contract with all boiler installations. We offer several brands of boilers including Peerless and Biasi, along with several different set-ups. You can be sure Parkside Fuel will stand behind our work. We also offer home heating oil for delivery.



Peerless is the number one manufacturer of residential boilers for three reasons.

QUALITY: Their products don’t leak. Their emphasis on quality has created a track record that is second to none. Our 15 year history with Peerless Boilers has been near perfect and the last thing we want to be attached to is a failing product.

EFFICIENCY: The Peerless WBV series of boilers is just under 90% AFUE, making it a perfect, choice to save you money on oil. It also qualifies for government rebates (speak to us for more details regarding rebates).

PRICING: Peerless Boilers, although superior to their competitors, are actually priced lower, making it the best price for quality and savings.



Biasi B-10 Series of Boilers are the best choice for Low Mass-Triple Pass Cast Iron Boilers. With the AFUE just under 90%, Biasi has made a terrific boiler. By holding only a fraction of water compared to other boilers your Biasi will run for a fraction of the time. This is where the savings really come from. With less water in the boiler, there is less run time on the burner. When your burner isn’t running, you are not burning oil! Get it? Biasi has been Parkside’s choice for this style of boiler for 15 years, and the track record speaks for itself. This is a fine boiler.



High-Efficiency Heating Installations on Long Island

We are pleased to install several top quality brands of boilers, including Peerless and Biasi, along with several different set-ups. You can be sure Parkside Fuel will stand behind our work. We are available to help recommend the best boiler for your home, and we will install it to your 100% satisfaction. After your installation is complete, you can count on us for home heating oil delivery and receive even more benefits when you sign up for our Heating Service Plan, which includes automatic oil delivery and special savings.