Why Homeowners on Long Island Love Automatic Oil Delivery

Have you ever heard of automatic oil delivery? If you use heating oil to keep your home on Long Island warm each winter, the answer is likely yes. So if you’ve heard about it, why haven’t you signed up? We understand that some people prefer to monitor their own tank and order when they need fuel, and that’s perfectly fine. But if you’re feeling a little overwhelmed this fall, our automatic oil delivery program could be just what you need to make this a little simpler this heating season.

Automatic oil delivery makes life easier.

This fall more than ever we know Long Island residents have plenty on their plates. Why not take one major to-do item off your ever-growing list? Homeowners on Long Island love automatic oil delivery for this exact reason. All you have to do is sign up, and the rest is up to us. We will monitor your oil tank level with a Gremlin™ Oil Tank Monitoring system and schedule deliveries when your tank is running low.

Automatic oil delivery is reliable.

ParkSide Fuel has developed a trusted automatic delivery program that combines advanced tank monitoring technology and expert service to make sure our customers are only getting fuel (and paying for it) when they need it.

When you have automatic heating oil delivery, a Gremlin™ Tank Monitor is attached to your tank by a ParkSide Fuel technician. It sends automatic readings to our office so that we can accurately monitor your oil levels. You can even sync it to an app on your phone so you can see oil tank levels on your smartphone.

Automatic oil delivery reduces the risk of running out of fuel.

Are members of your household working remotely or learning virtually at home this year? More time spent at home means you will be using more fuel. Running out of heating oil is an unnecessary safety hazard that can cause serious damage to your equipment and put your family at risk. Signing up for automatic oil delivery significantly reduces the likelihood of this scenario, because you have our professional team watching your oil tank levels every day.

Automatic oil delivery provides added protection.

In addition to peace of mind for your fuel levels, our automatic oil delivery customers benefit from extra protection. The ParkSide Automatic Oil Delivery Service Plan includes added bonuses like:

  • Free annual heating tune-up
  • Special savings on service & repairs
  • 24/7 emergency heating service

Find out for yourself why members of our Long Island community are so happy with automatic oil delivery from ParkSide Fuel. Contact us to learn more and sign up today.