Hot Water Boiler Troubleshooting

Owning a hot water boiler in Mount Sinai, New York definitely has its benefits! But what do you do when it starts to encounter issues and problems? Without repair, you risk dealing with a lack of heat, potential leaks, and other stressful problems. The most important thing to consider is having the right company backing your hot water boiler. But when a problem arises, there are ways you can start by performing your own hot water boiler troubleshooting.

Starting Your Hot Water Boiler Troubleshooting

Start at the thermostat, check to make sure it is indeed set to heat. If your thermostat is electric, check the batteries and replace them as needed. If you have a time-clock-driven programmer, check to ensure the clock dial is not stuck. If your electric boiler doesn’t work at all then go to the base, your home’s electric panel to check for a blown fuse or breaker issues.

Without a working pilot light, ignition will not work for your gas-fired water boiler. If your pilot light is out, turn off your gas valve to allow space to air out for at least 10 minutes. Access your pilot light enclosure, turn the knob to its “pilot” position and depress the knob while simultaneously holding alit match over your pilot light nozzle until ignited. If you have an electronic spark ignition, hold your gas valve button and press and release the ignition button. When the pilot is lit, continue your hold on the valve button for another minute before slowly releasing. This may give your hot water boiler the kick it needs to start running again.

Temperature-Related Problems

A frozen pipe can cause issues with your New York home’s hot water boiler. If you are hearing a gurgling sound then your condensate pipe may need remedy or a professional repair. Typically, the pipe will be frozen at the point where the pipe emerges from the wall. You can slowly pour warm water (not Hot) over the pipe area until it feels a lukewarm temperature to the touch. After thawed, check your manufacturer’s guide for restart instructions.

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Need Help with Your Hot Water Boiler on Long Island?

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