Automatic Oil Delivery for Long Island Homes & Businesses

Do you heat your home or business on Long Island with heating oil? Skip the hassle of manually placing fuel oil orders. Instead, sign up for convenient automatic oil delivery and leave the rest to us. ParkSide Fuel offers automatic heating oil delivery of premium quality fuel oil that provides total customer convenience. We will monitor your fuel usage using advanced technologies and make deliveries as needed—no need to call or order online!


Parkside Fuel Automatic Oil Delivery Truck

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How Does Automatic Oil Delivery Work?

ParkSide Fuel uses advanced technology to customize your fuel delivery schedule. We will track your fuel usage and the outside temperature in order to accurately estimate when you need an oil delivery. The result is accurate, timely deliveries to your home or business. And the best part? You don’t have to worry about remembering to order fuel deliveries.

What Are the Benefits of Automatic Oil Delivery?

Automatic heating oil delivery is convenient and cost-effective. Customers who enroll in automatic oil delivery benefit from these significant advantages:

  • High-quality heating oil
  • No need to constantly check your oil tank gauge
  • Total customer convenience
  • Lower likelihood of running out of heating fuel
  • Included in your heating service plan


Automatic Oil Delivery Included with Your Service Plan

Get convenient automatic oil delivery and protection for your home heating system. ParkSide Fuel’s heating service plan includes automatic oil delivery as one of its many benefits. When you sign up for automatic oil delivery, you can also take advantage of perks like 24/7 emergency heating service and a free annual tune-up.