Oil Tank Removal vs. Oil Tank Abandonment in Suffolk County

Has your oil tank seen better days? It might be time to replace your old, outdated oil tank with a new one. Once you’ve decided that you’d like to get a new heating oil tank, the first step is removing or abandoning your current one. Wondering what the difference is between oil tank removal and oil tank abandonment? We’re here to help! Keep on reading to learn about oil tank removal, oil tank abandonment, and new oil tank installations on Long Island. We’re here to help homeowners like you understand the process and make the best decision for your needs.

The Difference between Oil Tank Removal & Oil Tank Abandonment on Long Island

If you have an old heating oil tank that you’d like to replace or get rid of entirely, you need to work with an experienced professional. The first thing an oil tank service provider will ask is if your old tank needs to be removed or abandoned. Here’s how you can tell:

  • Oil Tank Removal
    Oil tank removal is really just what it sounds like: removing an old oil tank from your property. Common sites for aboveground oil tanks include the basement, the garage, a crawlspace, or outside. Underground oil tanks can be buried on your property. When a buried oil tank is removed, it is dug up from the ground and directly removed from your property.
  • Oil Tank Abandonment
    Oil tank abandonment is a specific service for buried underground oil tanks. Instead of digging up and removing the underground tank, the oil tank remains in the ground and is completely deactivated and emptied of all oil. Oil tank abandonment completed with tripolymer foam causes minimal property disruption, is environmentally friendly, and has been in practice on Long Island for more than 30 years.

Replace My Oil Tank on Long Island, NY

So, which option is best for you? If you have an aboveground oil tank, the answer is simple: contact a local oil tank service provider to remove your old oil tank and replace it with a new one. ParkSide Fuel is pleased to be the leading oil tank installation and oil tank removal company in Suffolk County. If you have an underground oil tank, it is up to you to choose between oil tank removal or oil tank abandonment. Both have their pros and cons, and if you are unsure how to proceed you can contact ParkSide Fuel to talk with an oil tank expert. We offer both oil tank removal and oil tank abandonment services.

Dealing with an old oil tank can be a messy and stressful job without the right help! Contact ParkSide Fuel to get a quote on oil tank removal or oil tank abandonment. We are happy to provide an estimate for the process and a quote on a new oil tank, too! Contact us online or call (631) 928-4645.