Oil Storage Tank Abandonment on Long Island

ParkSide Fuel Service is your local expert for oil tank services, including installation and removal. But we also provide another coveted service that’s essential to your home comfort—oil tank abandonment. Oil tank abandonment is a service that can be used to replace oil tank removal for underground oil tanks. If you’re looking to get rid of an old oil underground tank in your Long Island home, keep reading to learn more about whether you should choose to remove or abandon your old tank. You may be surprised by the benefits of an oil tank abandonment.

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Oil Tank Abandonment versus Oil Tank Removal

If you’re looking to end the use of the home heating oil tank in your Long Island home, you have two perfectly viable options: oil tank abandonment and oil tank removal. The main difference is that abandonment properly seals the underground oil tank and closes it off permanently from future use, while oil tank removal dismantles the tank and takes it off your property. There are several reasons why New York homeowners would choose one or the other, but here are a few things that may influence your decision.


Underground vs. Aboveground Tanks

Underground oil tanks can be abandoned or removed, while aboveground tanks must be removed. Removal of underground oil tanks can be invasive and requires more significant renovation and landscaping to completely dig up the tank. Instead, the tank can be safely abandoned by our team, which follows EPA regulations to abandon it properly.

Oil Tank Replacement Budget

Underground oil tank abandonment is less costly than oil tank removal. If you’d like to postpone or avoid a complete oil tank removal, abandonment is the proper way to handle the situation. Simply leaving an unused oil tank as-is can pose some safety risks, but having it properly abandoned will solve those issues at a low price.