Long Island Oil Tank Removal Services

Oil is an excellent fuel choice for your Long Island home heating and water heating needs, but is your storage container up to the task? Heating oil storage tanks are an essential part of your home comfort and heating system as a whole—make sure that yours is prepared for the long, brutal winters we experience in New York. The good news is that ParkSide Fuel Service employees care about your home comfort and safety, and they’re happy to help you with your removal. If you need a heating oil tank removed, get in touch with the ParkSide Fuel Service team, and we’ll provide you with an accurate estimate for your project.


What Do Our Oil Tank Removal Appointments Involve?

When you call to request more information or plan an oil tank removal appointment, we’ll give you a detailed rundown, schedule, and quote for the project. You don’t have to wait until your tank is empty to schedule the removal. When you decide to move forward, we can pump out and transfer your oil to your new tank. Then we perform the steps necessary for a safe and effective removal and haul-away.

How Do I Know When My Oil Tank Needs Removal?

Over time, oil tanks typically show some wear and tear on the outside such as deteriorating legs, rusting, corrosion, and dark “wet” spots on the sides or bottom. The more complicated parts comes to internal rusting and corrosion, which are invisible to the naked eye but can wear your tank walls dangerously thin. The best way to check if your oil tank needs to be removed (before it leaks) is to get an annual heating system tune-up and ask the technician about the estimated remaining lifespan of your storage container.

How Do I Schedule a Removal Appointment?

All you have to do is reach out to the ParkSide Fuel Service customer service department by phone or online contact form! You can click here to book online, or give us a ring anytime at (631) 928-4645. No job is too big or too small for our oil tank removal team. Plus, when you have the extra space after your removal, you can use our team to install your new tank replacement, too!