Raising the Bar

Raising the bar isn’t just a motion or single movement and then BOOM you’re done. Raising the bar requires a thought out plan and a plan of attack. It’s a movement, it’s a constant progress in the works that will never have a finish line. You can never feel that you have arrived or the work is done. You must always be raising the bar in some aspect or another. There will ALWAYS be room for improvement. This requires work and determination and in the work place this requires a lot of team work. We are always only as strong as our weakest link so if 90% decide to raise the bar and there are few stragglers that decide they just don’t care the plan of attack will never work.

The first step should be to get everyone on board the mission. How you are supposed to do that completely may be the tricky part. I believe that motivation and positive reinforcements will come in handy for making employees actually want to go this extra mile at work. Here at Parkside Fuel we already have a very happy environment to work in on a daily basis. So we have the basis for a good starting point to raise the bar. Now when we carry that happiness into each thing we do here and do the little extra in every instance we can raise that bar. Sometimes it just starts with a smile. Smiling around the office, smiling while speaking to customers on the phone translates right into the tone of your voice. Remember you are the happy face that makes the world a nicer place. A lot of times people will appreciate that extra second of care or concern. Not being so quick to get off the phone and just taking that extra second for whatever it is will be key. Here at Parkside Fuel we have found it easy to sell people on the idea of how great we are because we know it is TRUTH. We are the best oil company around! We separate ourselves from others by being better, by giving that extra attention and going that extra step in any situation. It does of course get trickier when dealing with difficult customers. The question at hand should always be how can I make this better? The customer always has a point in their complaint. Whether they are right or wrong shouldn’t matter as much as how can we resolve this and make them a happy customer again. So yes we are on a mission to make buying oil, ordering service or new equipment a fun and pleasurable experience. You can count on the fact that you are getting affordable oil and service with top quality workers and mechanics in Suffolk County! Knowing that you can always call us or count on us to show up and do awesome work and spread some cheer while doing it is a bonus. We are not the run of the mill kind of Full Service Oil Company that you may be used to and that is our promise to you. We set ourselves apart by raising that bar.