Top Ways to Save Energy This Fall on Long Island

October will come to a close before we know it, and we’ll be another month closer to winter. The fall chill is already starting to set in here on Long Island, and soon it will be time to cozy up the house with your heating system. Everyone has been spending more time at home this year, and that doesn’t look like it’s changing anytime soon. Your heating bills might be higher this season than years before, but don’t fret! We’re here to give you some tips to save on your home comfort costs this fall.

Tips to Cut Energy Costs

1. Get Your Annual Heating Tune-Up

There are countless advantages to getting your annual heating tune-up, but the biggest one is that it can help you save money down the road. When you get your annual tune-up, your heating system will be more efficient, meaning it will use less fuel, helping you save on your heating bills. Plus, you’re less likely to run into problems that will result in costly repairs and replacements.

2. Sign Up for Automatic Oil Delivery

Sign up for automatic delivery this season! Why? Because you get only as much fuel as you need, no more, no less, meaning you’ll spend less on fill-ups. Plus, talk about convenience. ParkSide monitors your tank for you, so we know exactly when you need a fill-up. No more having to place orders yourself. You save money, save time, and gain peace of mind.

3. Get on a Heating Service Plan

When you get on a service plan, you get your annual tune-up plus automatic delivery included. On top of that, you get special savings on repairs and service.

There are so many things to look forward to this fall! Sunday football, apple picking with the family, the fall holidays—just to name a few. Don’t let concerns about your heating bills distract you from the best parts of the season. We want to help you make the most of this fall by helping you save. If you’re ready for a tune-up, want to sign-up for auto delivery, or sign-up for a service plan—or if you just want more ideas about how to save this season, simply contact us. We are always happy to talk to you.