Two Crucial Summer Oil Tank Safety Must-Knows

Crack open a cold drink and crank up the air conditioning because summer is in full blast here in Mt. Sinai! During the summer season, most homeowners tend to think about their seasonal to-do lists, like cleaning the pool, scheduling an air conditioner tune-up, and refinishing the deck. But did you know that your heating oil storage tank also needs some important summer attention? We’ve provided a few important must-knows for taking care of your heating oil tank during the summer so that it can take care of you during the winter.

Must-Know #1:

Keeping your oil tank full during the summer is essential to its longevity. If you leave too much space for air at the top of your oil tank, condensation will build on the tank walls. Months of inactivity will cause this condensation to eat away at and corrode the metal, leaving your tank weaker the next time you fill it. The scary part about tank corrosion is that it happens inside your tank, invisible to the naked eye, and you might not know about the damage until it’s too late.

You can solve this issue by filling up your tank during the summer. A full oil tank is a happy oil tank, and there won’t be room for condensation and rusting due to excess water collection. Contact us if you’d like to schedule this important oil delivery today—you’ll also benefit from record-low pricing right now!

Must-Know #2:

Replacing your tank before it leaks will save you thousands of dollars and a massive headache. When we talked about oil tank damage and rusting, did you get nervous? If you think your tank might have been empty over one or more summers, or it’s looking a little shabby, give our oil tank experts a call to learn more about the signs of an oil tank that’s fading fast. Oil tank leaks can cost tens of thousands in cleanup costs, not to mention the property damage and environmental pollution they will cause.

Our team can inspect, diagnose, remove, and replace old tanks that are at risk of leakages. We’ve been providing Suffolk County, New York customers with dependable oil tank abandonment, removal, and replacement services for decades, and we’re just getting started. The best part is that right now, you could earn a rebate of up to $300 toward a new tank through Upgrade & Save NYC, and use our financing services to take care of the rest.

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