Vaughn Hot Water Heater Installations on Long Island

Is it time to upgrade your home’s hot water heater? Parkside Fuel offers professional installation of top-quality hot water heaters made by Vaughn. Vaughn is one of the leading manufacturers on the market, providing products that are built to last. Call (631) 928-4645 to learn more about Vaughn hot water heater installations on Long Island, NY.

Vaughn Water Heaters We Install:

Top Performer Plus
Hydrastone Lined Indirect Water Heater

  • Easy installation & Servicing
  • Seamless Hydrastone Cement Lining provides long product life
  • The Industy’s lowest stand-by heat loss reduces your operating costs
  • Electronic TPI Thermostat provides accurate & reliable temperature control
  • Durable plastic jacket will not rust, scratch or dent
  • Optional lifetime warranty available

More Details about the Top Performer Plus

  1. Factory Installed and Field Removable Heat Exchanger
    • Easy installation- no on site assembly needed
    • All fittings on top of tank
    • T&P valve included with every tank
  1. O-Ring Gasket Design
    • Eliminates installation guesswork
    • Simplifies coil replacement
  1. Insulation
    • 2-inch thick polyurethane foam completely surrounds tank increasing efficiency and significantly reducing heat loss
  1. Advanced Heat Exchanger
    • Windings concentrated in the bottom of the tank improves recovery time
    • Greater differential improves Heat Exchanger efficiency by 20%
  1. Hydrastone Cement Lining
    • A seamless .5-inch thick cement lining is impervious to any adverse water conditions, and is proven to be the most effective method or preventing tank failure due to corrosion
  1. Unique Cold Water Diffuser
    • Constantly washes the Heat Exchanger reducing mineral build-up by 50%
    • Counter flow design increases Heat Exchanger output by more than 20%
  1. Electric Thermostat
    • Improves temperature accuracy within 2-inches
    • Eliminates temperature overshooting
    • LED indicator displays current operating mode

Tank Specifications/Connections

tank specifications

Notes: A brass Tee and MNPT relief valve is factory supplied with each tank for field installation in the domestic water outlet connection.

Performance Specifications

performance specifications

    Notes:  First hour ratings based on

  • 50-degree F inlet water temperature
  • 200-degree F boiler water supply to coil
  • Outputs may vary depending on boiler size, boiler water supply temperature, flow rates through coil, and circumstances of installation and use


For more engineering and performance information, please visit

Available Options

  • Alternate jacket color (specify blue or red)
  • Double wall heat exchanger
  • Back-up electric heating element for supplemental heating. Specify wattage and voltage.


  • Industry’s first, 2/10 Limited Warranty
    Two-year labor, ten-year full tank replacement including coil.
  • Optional Lifetime Limited Warranty
    A repair or replacement is provided (excluding labor and freight) if the tank or heat exchanger should leak for as long as the original purchaser owns the home.
  • Commercial 5-Year Limited Warranty

About Vaughn

Headquartered in Massachusetts since 1961, Vaughn Thermal Corporation is the world leading manufacturer of cement lined water heaters. The company manufactures electric, indirect, and solar water heaters for residential and commercial applications, and also manufactures digital energy controllers and electronic devices used by electric utilities for load controlling heater heaters.

Vaughn Product Line

  • Residential Electric Water Heaters
  • Commercial Electric Water Heaters
  • Indirect Water Heaters
  • Solar Water Heaters
  • Range Boilers
  • Storage Tanks
  • Off Peak Timers
  • Digital Energy Controllers
  • Electronic Controls

Parkside Fuel is pleased to offer professional installation of Vaughn water heaters for customers in Suffolk County, NY and the surrounding towns within our Long Island Service area. Call or click here to request a quote on a new water heater installation.