Long Island Warm-Weather Summer Oil Tank Safety

Summer is here on Long Island, NY, and we’re fully enjoying the warm weather and sunshine! But are you keeping in mind the important oil tank safety procedures you should be thinking about over the summer? ParkSide Fuel Service wants you to stay safe and sound at home this summer while keeping your oil storage tank in tip-top shape. Keep reading this blog post to find out what you should be doing to take care of your oil tank and help extend its longevity.

Schedule a Furnace or Boiler Tune-Up Each Year

Every home heating system (and cooling system, for that matter!) needs annual maintenance. Don’t forget to schedule your preventative HVAC maintenance this year and ask the technician to take a peek at your oil tank, too. They’ll inspect the legs, sides, bottom, and edges of your tank to look for any dark spots, rusting, or visible damage. This can help you determine important oil tank maintenance steps you should take to get the most from your HVAC system and protect your family and property. You can also sign up for a heating oil service plan, which includes annual maintenance as part of your agreement.

Fill Your Oil Tank Regularly to Reduce Rusting and Damage

When your tank has room for air, condensation can enter through your oil tank’s vent pipe and build on the tank walls. This can cause condensation to eat away at and rust the metal, leaving permanent damage. Ordering your oil now or signing up for automatic oil delivery can do two things: prevent your oil tank from internal damage and guarantee you low prices for the first tank of heating oil you’ll burn in the fall.

Replace Your Oil Tank before It Risks Leaking on Your Property

We understand that the cost of a replacement oil storage tank can be a burden, but trust us—the remediation and cleanup costs for a leaking oil tank will be much worse. As a ParkSide customer, you can take advantage of our heating oil storage tank payment plans, which allow you to spread the costs of a heating oil tank replacement into small monthly payments. It’s more manageable than buying the whole tank at once, and you can easily budget it with your other expenses.

Contact ParkSide Fuel Service for assistance with these important oil tank maintenance steps today!