There are many reasons why it is important to remove your home heating oil storage tank. If there is a leak, it can harm the environment and cost you money to clean it up. Many times, an oil tank leak is not covered under homeowners insurance, so you could end up paying for the cleanup.removing-tank
If you have an underground storage tank, it is likely the same oil tank as the bare steel tanks found in basements. Most of these tanks were not designed to be buried underground, and will not last. The tanks will rust and then leak, causing damage to the land, and can threaten the health of you and the neighborhood. If you have a tank that was designed to be underground, it can still rust and leak, so it is important to consider removing it.One indicator of a leak in your oil tank is if there is an increase in the amount of oil consumption for your home, but leaks do not always announce themselves. Slow leaks can continue for many years and you may not notice an increase in your oil consumption. Damaged piping, stained soil, and groundwater with a sheen on it are other indicators of an oil leak from the oil tank. Environmental tests can also be done to see if the surrounding area has been contaminated.If removal of the oil tank affects the foundation and structure of your home, your fire department may allow you to keep it in place and have it emptied and then filled with sand or concrete. But if not, the buried oil tank should be removed.

Parkside Fuel and Boiler care about you and your home! We personally own two businesses and have thorough knowledge about removing an underground oil tank before it becomes a problem! It’s a very important way to protect your family and the environment. As a family and business we have extensive experience on Long Island oil burner repair, oil tank removal, and take pride in our work. We look forward to serving you soon!