Why You Should Invest in an Oil Tank

As a home owner, you have a wide variety of heating options available to you. But one choice clearly stands out from the rest. More and more home owners today are choosing to heat their homes with oil heat. Oil heat is safe, smart, and comfortable heat. We’ve got just a few of the many reasons you should invest in an oil tank for your home.

An Oil Tank Puts You in Control

With an oil tank, you are in complete control of your own comfort. Your storage tank allows you to always have an adequate supply of reliable heating oil at your disposal. It also gives you peace of mind when the cold weather sets in.

An Oil Tank is Green

The emissions from oil heat are nearly zero. Burning 95 percent cleaner than the past few decades, oil heat is well within the strict air pollution standards set forth by the Environmental Protection Agency. In fact, the emissions produced by residential heating oil are so negligible, it is not even regulated by the Federal Clean Air Act. Ultra-low sulfur heating oil and other renewable biofuels can reduce sulfur emissions by as much as 99 percent.

An Oil Tank is Efficient

An oil heating system is significantly more effective than other heating systems, keeping more money in your pocket. Providing more warmth while using less fuel, new oil heat systems now have efficiency ratings of up to 95 percent. Today’s oil heat systems earn the coveted Energy Star rating, a rating only granted to equipment which complies with or exceeds strict energy efficiency guidelines.

An Oil Tank is Safe

Carbon monoxide leaks very rarely happen with home heating oil systems. Heating oil is also not explosive in its liquid form, and does not burn in a liquid state. In order to ignite heating oil, it must be heated to the temperature at which it vaporizes: 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

Today’s oil tank heating systems are providing greener, safer, and more efficient warmth than ever before. You and your family can securely place your trust in the warm reliability of residential oil tank heating. Come in to Parkside Fuel today and discover all the benefits of a new oil tank!